Unsolved Mysteries Director Has a Theory About Those Michigan UFOs
Jack Bushong pictured in Unsolved Mysteries: Something in the Sky

Gabe Torres, director of the Something in the Sky episode of Season 3 of Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries reboot, has some theories about what that UFO was doing in Michigan on that fateful night in 1994.

At least 300 people reported seeing UFOs hovering over various towns in Michigan that night, and the episode tells their stories — and attempts to guess at what the strange crafts might have been there to do.

“We’re trying to solve the mystery of what this was, along with Jack [Bushong]. And so we’re hoping that people will tune in, watch this, and be able to give us another piece of the puzzle,” Torres told MovieMaker.

The Something in the Sky episode largely follows Bushong, a retired meteorologist who tracked the UFOs using radar that night in 1994 while he was working a late-night shift at the National Weather Service.

“There were pilots coming out of O’Hare [airport] that night who saw it from another perspective on a commercial aircraft. We touch on that a little bit. We don’t know who those pilots are, and we want to hear from these people, and we want to hear from other witnesses. And as we put the pieces together with Jack, maybe we can figure out what this was. Was this extraterrestrial?… We don’t know. But I’m convinced. I met these people. I talked to them. They’re not crazy. They all saw something. What it was is still to be determined,” Torres said.

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Torres, who also directed multiple episodes of the original Unsolved Mysteries series, said that if the UFOs indeed carried intelligent life from another planet, they might have traveled here to observe us — or even to collect samples from Earth. His basis for that belief is the part in Something in the Sky about two campers who described seeing a UFO hovering over Lake Michigan and sucking large amounts of fresh water up into the craft.

“That’s a hotspot, what’s called a UFO hotspot, that area around Lake Michigan. The Great Lakes are the largest sources of freshwater in North America. So if you’re seeing a lot of UFOs and these people report this sort of waterspout going up into it not coming down — do these things use water in their travels?” Torres wondered.

“I can only speculate that they’re here to observe and to sort of figure out who we are and what we’re all about, because they’re clearly not a threat to us, they clearly have advanced technology that hasn’t been utilized against us in an aggressive way,” he added. “I tend to think they’re trying to figure us out like we send the rover to Mars… maybe this is another higher-functioning civilization out in the galaxy sending something to sample our waters and observe our people.”

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The first three episodes of Unsolved Mysteries Season 3 are now streaming on Netflix.

Main Image: Jack Bushong pictured in Unsolved Mysteries: Something in the Sky